Doğuş Kalıp Plastik

About us

With more than 40 years experience in plastic mold industry, DOĞUŞ KALIP PLASTİK is capable of developing and designing customer oriented projects. As a result, it has become the solution and strategic partner of its customers. Utilizing technology that represents customer satisfaction, quality assurance, up-to-date knowledge and latest development level in mold production constitutes the company's core values.

Our quality policy

DOĞUŞ KALIP PLASTİK, our quality policy focuses on customer satisfaction. Our goal is to produce with zero error to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. In addition, productive, high quality and low cost to meet our customers' expectations by delivering our products with on-time delivery. DOĞUŞ KALIP PLASTİK follows the new technologies in order to provide these trainings and provides the necessary training to its employees within the framework of continuous development principle.

Our mission

- Continuous improvement is our lifestyle.

-We targeted the zero error in our products.

-We will keep our production, purchase and other costs at the lowest possible level in order to supply our customers with the best prices.

Our vision

-We act with the awareness of our responsibility to our customers, society and natural environment together with all our employees.

-We believe that we can reach our quality and performance targets with highly motivated and highly knowledgeable employees.

- We follow and implement technological and managerial innovations closely.

- To provide the necessary support to achieve mutual goals by providing growth with our customers.