Plastic Injection Mold Production

Injection molds are the most suitable method for mass production. For the design of the injection mold, the raw material of the plastic product to be produced must be determined. Mold preparation starts with 3D modeling by using solidworks and autocad programs in the computer environment. The prototype pattern of the product is then prepared on the CNC machine before the mass production mold is made. After the part approval, the serial mold is produced by CNC machine. We are serving in the production of plastic injection molds for many different sectors



Plastic Injection Product Production

It is a method of manufacturing which involves melting and melting the molded plastic raw material into a mold with the help of temperature. With this method, plastic components of various sizes and categories can be manufactured from the smallest components. We have modern mold and plastic injection machines. In our wide range of industries, we serve with our plastic injection parts production.